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Landlords and Letting Agents

Attention Letting Agents and all Landlords...

Handley Bookkeeping specialises in working with landlords and letting agents we can ensure whether it is just one property or several hundred, they are managed smoothly!

Letting agents and landlords can be confident in what we have done because we charge per property rather than per hour. We can work with letting agent directly or the landlord.

To ensure your business runs smoothly we provide industry specific reports that you need because we know and understand your industry.


Are you making a profit on your property? Letting agent statements only include a small fraction of the costs in owning a property. – Therefore without proper reports, how do you know if you've made a profit on a property or not? At Handley Bookkeeping we can show you your profit levels and much more...

  •  We will process the work intelligently plus we love bookkeeping
  •  Our unique Handley Bookkeeping Cloud Solution can safeguard your property. By using our Cloud Solution we deliver systemised efficient processing - this means ANY of our bookkeepers can complete your bookkeeping should your usual bookkeeper be ill or on holiday
  •  With Handley Bookkeeping we charge per property rather than hour so you will always know exactly what you are paying for.
  •  Handley Bookkeeping works with you directly and confidentially and our unique Cloud Solution provides efficient, systemised processing.
  •  We invoice letting agents or landlords directly - whichever works best for you
  •  So you can see exactly what we have done, we always provide a detailed analysis with every invoice.

"We concentrate on your books, so you can concentrate on your property portfolio"

Letting Agents what is the true cost of your time?

Bookkeeping certainly isn't the best use of your time - If you weren't dealing with the bookkeeping paperwork, how many more landlords could you look after? Have you considered...

  •  In your management portfolio which are the most profitable?
  •  Could you make you and your clients more money by advising on portfolio changes?
  •  Your client's accounts do you know if they're up-to date?
  •  You can use Handley Bookkeeping as an extension of your services.
  •  Handley Bookkeeping provides intelligently delivered competitive pricing (per property)
  •  Everything prepared for the landlord and accountant

We understand what information landlords and letting agents need to report and we can provide it on a monthly basis.

For more information on Handley Bookkeeping Adelaide CBD and Port Adelaide please contact us by filling in our contact form and we will be in touch shortly or for an informal chat please call us on 08 8440 2496

10 Tips to Improve Cashflow

  1. Get to grips with cash management
  2. Invoice customers promptly
  3. Make it really simple for people to pay you
  4. Keep a very close eye on payments
  5. Offer discounts for early payment
  6. Formalise and implement a proper credit policy
  7. Create a collections policy
  8. Know when you owe money
  9. Extend your payment times
  10. Get better at managing your stock

Handley Bookkeeping Adelaide and Port Adelaide