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Business Activity Statements

Using a cloud accounting/software system? Doing your bookkeeping online? How certain are you that your BAS statement is right? Do you know when you can claim GST? When you can't?

Manual or online GST statements aren't as straightforward as you think - can you answer these questions?

  •  Can you claim GST on meals?
  •  Can you claim GST on airline tickets?
  •  Can you claim GST on utility bills?

If you aren't certain about the answers, then you shouldn't be generating your BAS and submitting it to the ATO without it being checked by a knowledgeable and trained bookkeeper.

Handley Bookkeeping can help - let us check your BAS statement before you send it off, you might find you are eligible to a GST refund, you never know.

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10 Tips to Improve Cashflow

  1. Get to grips with cash management
  2. Invoice customers promptly
  3. Make it really simple for people to pay you
  4. Keep a very close eye on payments
  5. Offer discounts for early payment
  6. Formalise and implement a proper credit policy
  7. Create a collections policy
  8. Know when you owe money
  9. Extend your payment times
  10. Get better at managing your stock

Handley Bookkeeping Adelaide and Port Adelaide